The use of force against people’s natural logical choices, especially in the form of governments, takes away our natural connection to our mortality. That is the connection between government and a lot of our problems. The problems that come about through choice (i.e. not natural disasters or random chance) are due to a disconnect from our evolutionary legacy. That disconnect is made greater through government intervention.


Do with this what you will.

Things to note:

  • I am thinking particularly of life in the United States. That’s where I live, that’s what I know.
  • This was the result of 25 minutes of me pacing my apartment and talking through the connections I see between health, wellness, happiness, the Standard American Lifestyle, what got us to where we are, and what is keeping us here.
  • I don’t have any specific research to link to or other writings to back this up. This is just the big overall takeaway from how I see the world, based in the books and articles I’ve read over the years, the podcasts I’ve listened to, the experiences I’ve had, the people/thoughts/perspectives/communities/movements I pay attention to, and my own understanding of economics, human action, and my world.
  • I don’t think I’m wrong.