I took my job because I had a college degree to use and and student loans to pay off. Because I wanted to live in something bigger than an apartment. I thought I needed a dog and a house and a nice car. I thought I needed to get paid enough so I could take a two week vacation. I had a job so I could afford the food I needed to buy because I didn’t have time to cook. I took a job to pay for the things I wanted to do. I never did those things because I had a job. I took a job so that I would be like other people, I could have the things that seemed to make them happy. I took my job because my old job wasn’t making me happy.

I was not passionate about my job. I thought maybe I could be, but that never materialized. I didn’t care deeply about the people I worked with. I was stressed and anxious because of job related issues. Issues that were nothing close to real problems. I wasn’t solving problems that I cared about. I wasn’t even solving problems. I felt too watched and too controlled. I didn’t feel like I had freedom. I felt like my job was wasting my time and I couldn’t do the things I truly cared about. The lifestyle that was being forced on me was not worth the money I was making. The lifestyle that I wanted could only maybe be realized 10 years into my career. I felt like I had no real power over my life. And to make change within the paradigm of a full time job would have required too much work for too little reward. I didn’t search for a different company or modify my schedule or seek to work on different projects because that wouldn’t have made a difference. I still would be wasting my time, I would still feel controlled, and I still would not be passionate about the work.  Enough angst built up and I quit my job.

Before I quit my job, I discovered things I was passionate about and figured out jobs that will let me live that passion – farming and personal training. I was an engineer (and always will be), now I want to be an entrepreneur. I don’t want to be a cog in the machine, I want to build my own. I moved out of the expensive house and back to an apartment. Turns out, I really don’t like having to clean a lot of things. I don’t need that much space for stuff. I threw out a lot of things and am working on throwing out more. Fancy clothes don’t make me happy. I have no desire to go to restaurants with people and talk about redecorating or how my kids are doing at the junior high. I have no desire to have to take a vacation from my life. I want to do what I want every day, not just evenings, weekends, holidays, and two weeks of PTO a year. I don’t care about work-life balance. I want my life to be my work and my work to be my life.

I quit my job because I don’t like desk jobs. I don’t like being inside all day. I want to be able to move more. I want to be outside more. I am extremely interested in human health. I am extremely interested in the environment. I think that the world is an extremely complex place and instead of trying to control it, I want to learn how to work with it. I’m interested in how small businesses can cause big change. I want to learn how to apply my social media skills to a business in order to spread greater intellectual messages. I’m interested in how small business can let people help themselves. I’m interested in how private farming can protect the environment and feed more people better food. I like doing things with my hands. I like problem solving. I really like talking and working with people. I want to have a more flexible day. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my time. I want to give myself a platform to talk about things that I think are important with more credibility. In the future, I want to have kids and I want to raise them in the world with me and my partner. That wasn’t going to happen if I took the path everyone else was taking. That’s why I quit my job.