The way to convince people to change is to make it personal. With a story. With examples. With reasons why making a change will personally impact their life for the better. Facts and stats won’t do it. Explaining complex philosophies won’t do it. We have an innate human ability to hear facts that go against our current belief and completely disregard the information as false or twisted. When it comes to liberty, emotions are attached to these previously held beliefs about the role of government. It is almost impossible to use logic against a belief based in emotions or false logic. Faced with this obstacle, how on earth do we spread liberty? We have to live it. And then show it. And then talk about it.

To me, living liberty is about living my life the way I want to, whether it’s been done before or not. I am living liberty by taking responsibility for my life and my happiness, regardless of the expectations of others. Our whole society is built on the premise that we need permission, that we can’t venture out on our own, that we can’t take risks, that we don’t have to worry about the choices we need to make, and that someone else will take care of us. It comes from decades of government intervention, government school, and government regulation of every aspect of our life. From years of promises that with this law or that subsidy or with this policy or that leader, everything will be taken care of. We will all have food, clothing, happiness, a boat, and that we deserve all of it because we are Americans. These beliefs are attached to the government system with which our society has evolved. And these beliefs keep many of us unhappy. Everyone knows, in some way or another, that this is not the case, but many don’t know any other way to live their life. They have never seen an alternative.

If you believe in liberty and want to show people how amazing a free society could be, you need to exercise your personal liberty. Be the change you want to see in the world. You need to start questioning the beliefs that hold you back in your own life. You need to demand more out of your life and take responsibility for your happiness.

If you want to help spread liberty, start living it. The first step is to find your happiness by living the life that YOU want. For most people, this will mean breaking free of the system, stepping away from asking for permission, and no longer waiting to see if someone has done it first. It will mean evaluating your decisions and making sure they are the decisions of an individual and not another cog in a machine. This might result in a major lifestyle change or it might result in just using your vacation days. It might mean moving to a smaller house or it might mean enjoying the one you are already in. It will mean greater happiness that was fought for and well won. It will mean happiness and a life that you are unwilling to give up. This might not look like the philosophical liberty that we wish to spread, but unlike the philosophy, it is inspiring. It is an emotional story of someone finding happiness. It is a compelling story that can break through the wall of previously held beliefs. And even if the person you inspire never connects the dots, never has the philosophical conversation about liberty, they will have practiced their personal freedom and found happiness. That will mean one less person who can easily be swayed from a life of liberty.