As despairing as it may be, social change, including spreading the cause of liberty, can only happen at the individual level.

Okay, I’m in a bad mood. Let’s try that again.

Empoweringly (New word? Sure, new word.), social change only happens at the individual level, when individuals (like y’all on!) take action.

I have to keep reminding myself of that. And doing that.

I am! I am taking action. Little by little, I’m letting go of the fear and posting things that I believe on Facebook. Soft things. Gentle things. Not my true rage-filled love of peace and nonaggression (that’s not contradictory, is it?).

You’re thinking, “Why the eff do you still care about Facebook?!?” Well, because two summers ago, I de-activated my account for the summer, so everyone thought I was gone (because, yes, my world revolves around me, as does your world around you), and when I signed back on I de-friended everyone that I wasn’t going to need to contact or speak to in the next year. Goodbye all high-school friends, college party acquaintances, and a few regretful randos from the early years. Hello all family, actual friends, a few co-workers, and college party acquaintances I see at post college parties. My Facebook feed is basically full of people I actually care about and therefore want to show them the happier side of life. One full of love and devoid of bombs. Also economics. Also get them to stop believing the silly videos they post. Also to stop liking Krugman. However, I don’t really want to be disowned or ostracized by these people, as much as I would like to have words with them. Words with them. I only have words at people in dreams (seriously).

Where was I? Right. I’m taking action. Little by little, I’m trying to affect social change. Yeah, it starts on social media. Because that’s the world we live in, JAN. Especially if you don’t have casual political conversations with friends and family. Social action on social media that hopefully leads to real life action and real life change.

Goal number one: Have real conversations with people. Have an actual discussion when possible. Talk about my life, why I’m quitting my job, why I won’t be voting, why I eat organic food, or whatever else leads to a conversation about really, really, not liking government.

Goal number two: conversate them right into being a libertarian. I’ve actually almost done it with one friend.

It’s that simple. Be libertarian, live liberty, have conversations, create libertarians. Social change. Taking action. Doing stuff. Telling people.

It’s that hard. One by one, conversation by conversation, text post by text post, blog by blog. Bad mood, remember?