There are things in my life that are easier because of who I am, I won’t deny that, but what more can I do besides acknowledge it and move on? When it comes to built-in prejudices, what more can I do than acknowledge them and do my best not to perpetuate them? When it comes to the injustices that we see in this world, what more can I do? I’m not the one doing them. I’m not killing people. I’m not holding people back. I’m not causing the injustice.

What more can I do?

There is something more I could do. I could talk to you about how we can solve the problem. I could share posts from writers and journalists and academics who have actual solutions to these problems. Ones you haven’t heard. Ones that don’t put trust in the same systems that got us to where we are now. I could talk about the welfare state, minimum wage, the warfare state, the police state, regulation, and unjust laws that hold all of us back. I could do that. I could have conversations about equality versus equal opportunity, about white versus black, about men versus women, about the powerful versus the powerless. I could do that.


I’m fairly certain that if I share my true opinions, just like you share yours, you would disown me. You would talk about me behind my back at family gatherings. You would send me propaganda in the mail. You would shame me to shut up. You would unfriend me, say I’m crazy, and not hear another word. Even if none of that happened, you wouldn’t even have the courtesy of reading my article. Of hearing my point of view. If we got into a conversation and I said the wrong combination of words, I would trigger you and the conversation would be over. You probably can’t even hear me saying, “I believe that these problems exist, I just think there is different solution, a better solution.” Considering everything you post is condescending and demoralizing to someone who thinks differently than you, I doubt you could even understand an out of the box solution. All you care about is if I vote. But I better not vote for that person.

So, what more can I do?

I have alternative opinions that I want to share with you. Writers and journalists and academics who view the world in a different way that I want you to learn from. I have solutions. Ones that help all of us improve our lives and are not at the expense of anyone else. Ones that truly empower us and free us. But, frankly, I’m too afraid. I’m trying to make it in this world, just like you. I don’t want my opinions to turn me into the black sheep. I don’t want to get shunned out of my own life. I don’t want you to turn a deaf ear on me. I want you to hear me! I want to help! But until you either open your mind or I care less about what you think, what more can I do?

I feel helpless in my opinions.

The thoughts I have are all aimed at understanding the situation, at having a real conversation and fleshing out the real causes of injustice in our country, not just the symptoms. It feels so obvious to me, just as your ideas feel obvious to you. The difference being that you can freely share your thoughts because you know no one will question them. Not even you. I question everything, as much as I can. I read your articles. I try to listen and see where I can help, to point out inconsistencies in an empathetic way. But the second I share my opinion, I’m laughed off, yelled at, or otherwise made to feel insignificant. You even post articles about being open minded, but if I share a 20-minute podcast, you won’t listen to it.

I know you feel helpless, too.

That’s why you share the condescending articles. That’s why you are afraid of hearing an alternative opinion. That’s why you’ve closed yourself off. So until you open your mind, and admit that you don’t have the answers, what more can I do?

What more can any of us do, if you’re not willing to give us a chance?