Why I listen to The Scott Horton Show (and you should, too):

  • It is the most important libertarian podcast out there because it is…
  • Antiwar. Unrelentingly antiwar.
  • Scott Horton is quite the entertaining host.
  • Listening to Scott’s frustration can be cathartic when you don’t have an outlet for frustration yourself. Kind of like listening to metal to help dissipate anger.
  • Scott interviews the best of the best, regardless of political/philosophical alignment because the facts are what is important to understand what is going on in the world.
  • Scott models how to align with non-libertarians to achieve an end without yielding his libertarian beliefs.
  • The worst violation of the non-aggression principle and property rights is killing people. Be antiwar.
  • It can be hard to be antiwar if you don’t at least superficially understand what is going on. It can be easy to fall into the “humanitarian aide” trap (or the many other traps that are set for you) if you are still just starting to understand libertarianism. Or even if you are a seasoned libertarian.
  • Listening to the Scott Horton show has helped me understand the conflicts more, the motivation for US military action better, and has upped my BS meter by quite a few notches.
  • And improved my ability to analyze situations, ideas, and events, through a libertarian lens.
  • He talks about issues that pop up in the media which helps me at least question my friends’ positions when they espouse the mainstream position. Even if I can’t quote the truth, I know where to find the references.
  • I’m learning what questions to ask.
  • Scott is CONSTANTLY referencing other articles, past interviews, and makes sure that you know where to find the information that you need.
  • He’s a great host.
  • Anti police state
  • Pro Ron Paul
  • Anti mainstream (made-up) media
  • Pro reading and self-education
  • Anti government control
  • Pro you-don’t-have-to-have-a-political-science-degree-to-understand-this-stuff
  • Anti BS
  • Pro logic

If you aren’t listening to the Scott Horton Show, you should be. If you are short on time, listen to the interviews.

If you are listening to the Scott Horton Show and you aren’t donating to his show, you should be. Even just a little.

If you are listening to the Scott Horton Show and you are donating, then high-five my friend, you rock.

The best part about Scott Horton, the interviews, and the full Scott Horton Show, is that you can start listening at any time. He knows the relevant history of situations and events and makes sure to fill in the blanks. You can start with the archives or you can just start today. Either way, you will learn the history and current events and the gaps you didn’t even know you had will be filled in.